WaterWin prototype unit in the Netherlands


WaterWin is an affordable, standalone Air-to-Water device that can produce large quantities of water virtually anywhere in the world.

• Water at competitive costs
• Requires a low service level
• Remotely monitored and controlled
• Water production range from 2.5 to 4 m3/day per modular unit
• Easily scaled up to large quantities
• 100% solar thermal and electric energy used for the entire process
• Zero waste products such as brine
• Clean, distilled water of highest quality
Anywhere in the world
• No need for any existing infrastructure or grid connection
• Easily transportable and scalable
• Highly reliable and constantly monitored
• Works at wide range of humidity levels, even in the driest deserts
Many applications
• Drinking water
• Vertical farming
• Process water for local and larger industries
• Off-grid industrial activities
• Crisis situations
• Military
• High-tech agriculture

Three step continuous process

WaterWin systems are fully integrated systems that operate 24/7. The individual steps are operated continuously and vary in timing and speed based on specific climatological parameters.

  • Absorption: water is condensed into our absorber using a hygroscopic liquid.

  • Distillation: pure water is evaporated from the hygroscopic liquid by means of vacuum distillation using low temperature solar thermal energy.

  • Energy production: the integrated system uses solar heat and electricity produced from a surrounding field of solar panels.

Latest news

Solaq's WaterWin system has been extensively tested at its own facilities in The Netherlands. A field testing and demo unit has now recently been tested in Brazil to demonstrate its capabilities on invitation of Brazilian authorities.

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